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Environmental Reviews and Audits

One of the first steps to ensuring good environmental performance is finding out how green you are to start with. By conducting an environmental review or baseline assessment, you can see where your organisation stands and plan how you can improve.

Business Eco can offer you two different approaches to conducting an environmental review. These approaches depend entirely on what resources you have available.

If you have the resources and time to conduct a review yourself, but don't quite know what you should be looking for, EcoStart could be ideal for you. EcoStart is a computer-based review questionnaire that helps you to ask the questions needed to assess your environmental performance. Simply complete the questionnaire on CD-ROM, return it to Business Eco and you will then receive a report written by an environmental advisor assessing your baseline environmental performance. This is ideal for smaller organisations or those on a limited budget, as the cost is a mere 299 + VAT. For more information on EcoStart, please click here.

For a more tailored approach, Business Eco can visit your site and conduct the review for you. This comprehensive approach will involve meeting with staff, site surveys and analysis of existing data (such as utility bills, monitoring records, waste transfer documentation, etc.). The environmental advisor will work with your team to give you an assessment of your current environmental performance and help you plan a way forward. Because all businesses and their needs are different, this service is priced individually.

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