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Participation Rate Surveys (PRS)

A PRS is designed to give you a snap-shot view of how residents use your local authority recycling scheme. Knowing how your services are used will help you better plan how to promote them, increasing participation, reducing contamination and enabling you to witness the wonderful sight of a line of recycling boxes set out for collection on recycling day.

Our operatives will precede the collection vehicle on collection day and look in each and every box or bin set out to assess what and how much is being recycled at each address. This is a much more objective way of assessing participation than asking residents themselves.

Business Eco's PRS methodology utilises the latest in hand-held data collection technology. This enables operatives conducting the survey to have information about the property's recycling history at the point of use. It also means we collect accurate data with less room for human error. Our PRS conform to WRAP guidelines.

Case studies and product sheets for download

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