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Door Knocking

You have tried leaflets, got a nice display stand in the library and a dedicated person ready to take calls. For some reason, not as many people as you would like are using your recycling service/ energy helpline/ free money offer etc. Why? Unless you go and ask them why, we can only guess what the barriers may be.

Door knocking, sometimes called door stepping or campaigning, is a great way to deliver your message and gain the views of a large number of people. Business Eco has knocked on well over half a million doors, promoting services and asking for views. Our campaigners are expert at dealing with residents. Our data collection methodology utilises hand-held computers and custom-written software to make sure the information collected is safe and that it is representative of what is actually said on the doorstep. Supporting door knocking with advertising and printed materials makes for an engaging communications campaign that will push your message home successfully.

For local authority waste departments, we understand the need to conform to WRAP guidelines, and so you may want to combine door knocking with face-to-face or participation rate surveys.

Case studies and product sheets for download

>East London Waste Authority
>Project Integra - Hampshire