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Listening to people's true views on any given subject is invaluable. The best laid plans can be undone by poor public consultation. Involving stakeholders such as residents, staff, suppliers and clients helps ensure a project will be successful. Business Eco can provide your organisation with a consultation strategy that delivers the engagement you need with the resources you have available. A number of methods are used to make sure everyone concerned is kept up to date and their views are heard. This can include focus groups, face-to-face interviews, web-based questionnaires, local paper and magazine competitions, staff feedback sessions, business engagement and/or large scale events and workshops.

The consultation process provides you with the knowledge you need to maintain a high standard of service and meet the needs of your stakeholders. We will work in partnership with your organisation to provide you with feedback and guidance from the outcomes of the consultation.

Case studies and product sheets for download

>Project Integra - Hampshire
>Stakeholder engagement leaflet
>GMGU consultation strategy